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 Plot ideas/general questions for Tracers

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PostSubject: Plot ideas/general questions for Tracers   Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:31 pm

Tracers thoughts:

1: What if telepathy began as a genetic experiment by...someone? Government, CIA, NSA, etc?

2: Stolas. Clearly a code-name, but what if there's been multiple guys playing the same role? That, or...everyone in whatever organization he is in has a one-word code-name, and maybe witnesses just get confused, when they come into contact with them.

3: Telekinesis happens because the teeker's mind controls its matter that it's lifting: it very rapidly lowers the gravitational effect around it, and it floats: it creates a situational, sudden anti-gravity.

4: Clairvoyance: should we? How accurate? How much?

5: How complex should we get with Season 1? Saving Dalton, the murder-mystery angle, introducing the Bloom Squad, the mafia/government that all we need? Is it too much?

6: Maybe Dalton has disassociate disorder instead of Stoals? Apparently real DAD voices are approximately whispers; consequently, I'm thinking low-grade telepaths can only see mental images, but higher grade telepaths can pick up thoughts. However, considered that real brain scientists can't track down the source of thoughts or where any thought is at any given time, perhaps it's only whatever thought is on that person's mind at that time, and the reader regardless of level can't go any deeper. Consequently, visual thinking is considered more reliable. Could tie into the tin-foil hat thing too.

7: Teeks can only lift according to their physiological ratio.

8: Teleportation can only happen if done in conjunction with multiples; ie, there is no such thing as individual teleportation. I just think it's too much power to be handled by one person.

9: Telekinesis is generally directionless if done by one person: they can lift but can't point it, can't aim. A group of telekinetics can, however.

10: Remote-viewing: telepaths who can read over a distance. Obviously top-grade: Stolas, Violet, naturally Dalton, maybe Michelle. That's something else to ask: Michelle is the strongest of the kids, telepathically, but just how strong is she? Is she equal to Stolas? I see him being weaker than Dalton, and Violet...

11: Speaking of Violet. I, in an early draft, gave her the ability to project images of herself to other people in order to conceal her identity better. That can still be explained easily by vibrating frequencies around their eyes, or in parts of their brain, or so forth. That's another thing that the CIA and Soviets apparently really did research, the ability to cast images like that. But that raises another point, especially for the telekinesis angle: what if telekinetics can be contracted killers? Stop hearts dead in their tracks, brains, etc. still has to be line of sight, and I don't think it could be done more than once or twice a year at best. But, just a thought...and it adds great depth and possibility to the Stolas is a MIB-like phenomenon, with possibly crippled Stolas-like agents who have teeking power but can't do field-work.

12: history of telepathy, and I could reference In the Grid and Dagan this way: have someone come up with the idea that Neanderthals were telepathic, but they couldn't, say, handle the stress of suddenly realizing you can read your enemy's mind and they all went mad, thereby making it easier for us to kill them. And since we interbred with them, that gene got passed on to us.

13: Suggestion for opening shot of the pilot: have the camera pan to different people discussing telepathy at the same time. All gossip, no one knows for sure, and it's all about the varying theories of how telepathy started.
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Plot ideas/general questions for Tracers
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