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 digital photgraphy and remote emoting (and the cheapening of familial love)

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PostSubject: digital photgraphy and remote emoting (and the cheapening of familial love)   Wed Mar 16, 2011 1:30 pm

Here's a thought that crosses my mind often and is echoed as I sit here in the public library, ironically (you'll soon know why it's ironic) corresponding with you all electronically. My neighbor as I throw a brief glance at their screen (oh, you do it, too - be honest) is rapidly clicking through photos snapped ostensibly by somebody in their family, ostensibly of a family gathering of some sort. The speed at which they click through them astounds me. They are, in twenty brief seconds, living an event that likely lasted for hours. What's more, they are living it despite all the geography that separates them physically from said event. This happens more than anything, I think at the public library. That, and homeless people playing bejeweled or that Facebook game where you farm(?). The point is that our connections to people we know are becoming less intimate, less physical and more detached, decentralized. These bonds grow tenuous! What does everybody think about our changing methods of 'staying in touch'? Where does the 'staying' come from? Were we ever 'in touch' in this way to begin with?

Now you may see the irony in my posting this thought - it's critical of modern correspondence. And here I am digitizing it. Next to my writing, to your left if you write a response to this, there is a pool of both animate and inanimate phantoms of emotion. Emoticons! Think of how much diverse human expression is jammed into those burning yellow grins, googly eyes, and caricatures. Are we getting any of that spectrum back out of this?
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digital photgraphy and remote emoting (and the cheapening of familial love)
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