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 Character Synopsis

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PostSubject: Character Synopsis   Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:19 am

Tracers Synopsis for all Characters.

Ed: Ex-boxer, male, middle-aged, telepathic. On the run from sinister group called the Hivemind, and he's a former member of them. Disgruntled by their MO. Tries to keep them from exploiting overall telepathic population. (Mike)

Dealer: Only truly notable in one scene. Can be either male or female.

Jack: cheats on his wife with the bartender. Possible sexual deviant, from Black/Assassin's comments. Age isn't very important. Somewhat emotionally unstable.

Bailey: A little more experienced than Lennie, but still trying to catch up on things like she is. She's pretty, and pretty tired of the Bloom Squad lifestyle. Early twenties, thin. Some degree of self-defense knowledge.

Madison: Mid to late thirties. One of the oldest Bsers. She's a little worn down by the lifestyle too, and were it not for finding Lennie, they both may have quit by now.

Lenni/Lennie: the POV character. She's the vehicle to help the audience envision what telepathic life could really be like. She's thin, blonde, early twenties, works out a lot, has a mid-class job.

Michelle: Aggressive, full-of-herself, manipulative. Wears her schoolgirl outfit for that purpose, and, it gives her a distinct look. She doesn't necessarily like the connotations that come with wearing that kind of outfit, and uses it to play with people's perceptions of it. Natassia?

Mr Black—Cheyenne: Slightly mentally unstable/schizo, can have moments where it flares up. He's primarily a tracking/lurking sort of fellow, and only engages when it really benefits him. He also loves to get off on controlling people and using their strengths and weaknesses against them. However, the Hivemind has a strong eye on him and no one knows for sure when they'll stop allowing him to serve them.

Raine—Kaleb: he's the most naive of the group, the most easily swayed. Hottest temper. Truly loves serving the Hivemind.

Chad—Tim: far more into sexuality and partying than the actual Hivemind cause. He's also got a bad temper, but he needs this Hivemind lifestyle to get his partying one, so he has to mind Raine so he doesn't blow it for all of them. He also loves to think that he's the leader of the Henchmen (really need a better name), but Michelle pretty much allows him that delusion.

Violet: She founded the Hivemind. Legends are told of her. But no one's ever seen her face-to-face without realizing who or what she is, and if they have, we don't know about it, and that means two things: coma, or death. She's the most powerful walking telepath, and perhaps she knew Dalton at one point. I see her as being relatively classically pretty, thin, black-haired, but dresses in light-colors to balance her hair and general attitude on life.

Dalton: We never really see his face. In his cameo in Episode One, I'd love to just show his eyes, maybe, to get across the emotion there. Anyway, it's debated whether he's young or old, comatose or not. But one thing's for sure: no one dares to get too close to him, even Violet, because no known person has been able to block his telepathic probing. And with the onset of telekinesis, Dalton's future is truly nothing but potential. It all depends on if his body will allow him to live long enough to realize that potential.

Commercial Fellow: His anti-telepathy dvds are viewed as as much of a joke as Snuggies, but the oncoming Bloom Squad/Hivemind war will lead more and more people to realize he's right. In fact, the close of Episode One has one of his followers witness the struggle between both sides, and he starts informing as many people as possible to get them on his side. Who knows, regular humanity just might have a chance in this war, after all...

Unnamed Actress Who Founded The Bloom Squad: She's had minimal success acting, and it became more frequent with the onset of her telepathy. Nevertheless, she knew before long that what she was doing was immoral, so she left the Hivemind and started an underground resistance force with her co-founder. A monkey-wrench was thrown into the works, though, when he was murdered. Already unstable, she's devastated by his loss. They were never lovers, but they certainly helped each other out with family emergencies and so forth, so she was kind of like a sister to him. Her commanding the Bloom Squad is the best way she knows how to carry on his legacy.

Murdered Co-Founder: Made his money in advertizing, stocks, and other business-like deals. His murder's been hotly debated as a suicide; rumors are, it was some kind of overdose. However, no one's ever been able to prove either way what happened. And he was happy and positive in life, even when things went wrong, so it's very unlikely it was a suicide. The Bloom Squad losing one of its leaders so early in its existence shaped the organization in a way neither intended, and it remains to be seen what such a tragedy will do in terms of effect on those already in the organization, or new recruits.

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Character Synopsis
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