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 Potential year one plot

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PostSubject: Potential year one plot   Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:04 pm

How's this for an arc for Year One of Tracers? C-list actress co-founds the Bloom Squad after she realizes using her abilities to get acting parts over better qualified people is going to get her in a lot of trouble, and her co-founder gets murdered by a Hiveminder. Mr Black? One of the anti-teep dvd people witnesses this murder, calls it in to the police and media, and things quickly go to hell.

The co-founder knew her from their days in the acting business; he handled the promotion, he helped her out with some kind of personal crisis, but they won't have a romantic relationship? Why? Because nearly every story ever with a man and a woman leads to romance, and I want to try something different with that. Besides, he's dead, so they can't get together. Razz

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Potential year one plot
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