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 A third Zine

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PostSubject: A third Zine   Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:17 pm

The newest fellow, whenever he's able to join/meet with us, seems to want a zine designated for poetry and art, but would be willing to host some of our material as well.

I'm thinking, with two Movement-material-specific zines, it might be a good idea to have the new guy's material feature our fantasy and horror specialists, and have Evan's Paralax feature the sf/hard sf folks, like yours truly.


I really would like to have some kind of official Movement publication at some point, too.

What this would consist of is editorials from TSMers about their feelings/thoughts on the state of their chosen genre at this point in time. What works for them in current work, what doesn't, what they think needs to happen to get that genre to a state that's more pleasing to their brain.

This third zine would be probably larger than the other two, but done at most four times a year, and probably maybe only twice a year. That way, no one's stepping on anyone's toes, and we have a somewhat organized system for stuff.

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A third Zine
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