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 James and I are working on the first arc as we speak...

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PostSubject: James and I are working on the first arc as we speak...   Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:04 pm

So here's the basics of the first arc. Anyone who wants to do characterization, dialogue, whatever, so be it.

Edgar, the old man Boxer, and Ellie, the young female Bloomer (possibly tall and blonde and thin) meet in a park. She accuses him of being a telepath, and eventually their conversation turns towards Edgar training Ellie a bit on power usage and how to evade detection from the Bloom Squad. They go from Edgar's place while discussing some of this to somewhere in the country, to get away from the cell phone towers and the ability of BSers to trace people that way.

After that, we have our Bloom Squadders find Edgar and Ellie individually as they separate, and for the moment they're being called Bailey (comedic, skinny, soft-spoken fellow who's great at tracking people/detective skills) and Madison, who's more of a tactician, heavy-set, and has a bad heart, so he's mostly behind-the-scenes and the brains of the operation.

It'll be because of the BSers meeting Ellie, and through Ellie Edgar, that our nameless assassin finds everyone. They're mentally ill, hear voices, possibly hallucinate sometimes, and thus, are quite dangerous to teeps because you can't tell whose voice is real, when they're broadcasting mentally.

And so concludes the first half hour of Tracers, with the assassin looming in on everyone from the shadows. Should anyone want to take a hand at breaking this down into script-form more, be our guest.
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James and I are working on the first arc as we speak...
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